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Q&A on Elektor Projects (Session #1 - March 18th, 2014)



We would like to thank you all for attending, and we hope you enjoyed the session as much as we do :)
For those who couldn't be there, don't panic! We will be announcing a second round very soon... stay tuned!
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Q&A on Electronics (Session #2 - April 22nd, 2014)



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1x Project in April = 1x "Fun with LEDs" book



LET'S MAKE! (a deal)

During April 2014, all members posting projects in Elektor.LABS will receive a "Fun with LEDs" book for free. > Read more

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Elektor's Attic... now this is old school!


In the more than 60 years history of Elektor we must have build hundreds of projects! A lot of old hardware got lost in our move to our new offices, but a few items saved our cleaning drift. In our dusty attic we still have secured a nice collection of typical hardware and projects that defined the history of Elektor. > Read more

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