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Three Phases, Hight Heat, Regulation

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I have a smith brother who's making swords and other art steel pieces, and he is needing a heating oven with a precise heat regulation at high heat.

- The objectives : power source : 230/400 V, 3 phases with neutral 50 Hz (why not 60 Hz !)

- Power : over 7 kW (10 Arms by phase)

- Heat : 1100 - 1200 °C

- Precision of regulation : +/- 5 °C (needed to harden some stainless steel).

the regulation point should be between 700 and 1000 °C

take a look at the organigram linked.

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Triac control design

  > Read more

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Power electronic sizing

I am working on a simple power electronic consepte of one triac by phase and neutral surveil for fault finding.

I will add two relays to assume insulation at stop state, one to remove power and the second to connect ouput at eath.

But I have a problem to design the triac level. > Read more

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Idea for Heat measurement

The heat measurement should be with a K type probe, because of the coste, most popular, most linear, most ... !

Some A.D. products (or other) can be used to convert the measurement, but we probably need a correction array to obtain a measure in the required precision.


Three Phases, Hight Heat, Regulation

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