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Power electronic sizing

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I am working on a simple power electronic consepte of one triac by phase and neutral surveil for fault finding.

I will add two relays to assume insulation at stop state, one to remove power and the second to connect ouput at eath.

But I have a problem to design the triac level.

The selection of the power triac and the optotriac driver is quite simple (insulation tension, rms intensity, Igt Value) so that I found a Q6010L4 of LittleFuse and IS621XSM of  ISOCOM.

The problem I face to is the fact that I don't know how to calculate the res to limit "Igt" through the optotriac and the gate of the power Triac. I need to limit it around 25mA but the design exemples I found on the net and on datasheets seems to limit it broadly above this values (around 1A !!!) so i don't know what to think about ! I Should try some simulations.

The good thing is that I don't need snubbers (because of the only resistive load).

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Three Phases, Hight Heat, Regulation

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