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I have a IRAMS10UP60B IRF and began to develop a frequency converter, based on a PIC microcontroller, to a three-phase 220V motor for automatic gate. I had some doubts about how to develop a routine v / f so I have not finished this project. I believe that this integrated circuit can be harnessed to the proposal in question and help me continue with my initial project.

Follow the link to the datasheet of this component:

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Submitted by petrus bitbyter on 28 September 2014 - 8:49pm.

As I mentioned, this type of controller was ever covered by an elektor article but the design can by considered obsolete by now. Your IRAMS10UP60B contains a lot of the electronics that required much more components at the time. After all, the principles did not change, the available components and their capabilities did. For the control part, have a look at Microchips AN889. It describes a complete speed controller but the motor driving electronics are not state of the art anymore. You will have to make some modifications to adept the IRAMS10UP60B. You will need some (signal) inverters to make LINs from the HINs and have to decide whether you will use optocouplers. It adds components but makes life easier and safer. But I do not expect problems in the firmware.

Off course, you can go much farther. I saw the principles of a design using a fast 32 bit micro that calculated both width and timing of every pulse on the fly. Use of energy was optimized this way and disturbances minimised. No need to say the controller required feedback from the motor. For a hobby speed controller using obsolete household motors I consider it to be a little overkill :)

petrus bitbyter

Controller for Household Appliance Motors - Request for Comments

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