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comments on e-lock installation

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Hi I have successfuly installed e-lock hardware on my local wifi system, and every thing seems to work ok. However I configured the temperature scan time to scan every 5s , but I get a reading with the get temperature button , The 5s sampleing time does not update automatically,,,,,any suggestions why???

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Submitted by intelligentsoc on 26 August 2014 - 11:23am.

Hi morris51.
Our tests worked fine and temperature is scan automatically every several seconds.
You can do a "manual" test: if you touch the temp. sensor, you would see change the data.

Can you give us more detailed info?

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Submitted by intelligentsoc on 8 September 2014 - 6:15pm.

Perhaps you're talking about display temp. automatically every five seconds?

If so, remember that ISLElector is only a demo program. When you set up the sample rate it is sent to board to configure the chip, but IT IS NOT set up the display interval.

The chip will read the temp. sensor at intervals of n seconds (depending on configuration), but it is the application who must display it, so the display interval is up to the programmer.

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Submitted by morris51 on 9 September 2014 - 12:18am.

Thanks your reply makes sense, my system appears to be working fine......bye for now

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